Sunday, 17 June 2012


This is a new website for St.Edith's Children's Home, Clevedon. We hope you find it interesting to view all the topics , photos and memories of St.Edith's.  Originally the group of St.Edith's started on Facebook August 2010 - however, Facebook has changed considerably since, hence we lost all our discussion boards and topics.

It is very important to us at St. Edith's to preserve all our memories from those childhood days, so many people now have joined the group whose parents were once at St. Edith's or St.Mary's and have very little information .  For our future generations these records will be there for them to see what life was like living in a Children's Home and life thereafter.


  1. Hello everyone. A massive thank you to Linda and to Kristen for setting up this website to give us a permanent home for our info and photos.
    I have found an old membership list that I had saved on word before Facebook deleted all our precious history. It gives some background to the people who are our members and their relationship to each other.
    Maybe Kristian can use this somehow.
    thanks alot. Cathy.

    Membership List.
    Members Comprised of the following groups (to the best of my knowledge)

    Nicholls, Christine (Old Edithian from 1951 til 1960)
    Cathy Candle,– Christine Nicholl's daughter
    Carroll, William (son of Christine Nicholls)
    Elliot-Wardell, Samantha - family friend of Christine Nicholls.
    Hudson, Angela - family friend of Christine Nicholls
    Harding, Michelle (Linda Rodriguez’s daughter)
    Rodriguez, Linda (neeRichards - Old Edithian 1953- 1959 (Also St Annes Home,Lytham St Annes - 1952 -1953 Kilburn)
    Rodriquez, Kristian (Linda rodriguez's son)
    Smith, Linda (family/friend of Linda Rodriguez)
    Coral Emma Davison (family/friend of Linda Rodriguez)
    Emma Jane Smith (family/friend of Linda Rodriguez)
    Dorothy Oliver (family/friend of Linda Rodriguez)
    Rita Hodgson (family/friend of Linda Rodriguez)
    Sandra Brown (dear friend of Linda Rodriguez)
    Rosalie Hughes (Linda rodriguez's cousin in the US)

    Malcolm Clark (Old Edithian - 1955 - 1961 ish)
    Ruth Langer (Old Edithian - 1952 - 1965)

    Annie Lauree (Anne Hunt - Old Edithian - March 52 - July 64)

    Michael Doxie - Old Edithian (dates unknown)

    Jackie Green - Old Edithian (Was resident in 1974)

    Sandi Stevens (nee Serina Munden) - Old edithian during 1960's
    Sylvia M Sullivan - Old Edithian during 1960's
    Dave Stubbings - Old Edithian (1960s)

    Tom Hawkins - Nee Tommy Daglish - Old Edithian circa 1950's
    Tor Ali - Daughter of Marian Daglish.

    Carole Johnston - Nee Carole Osmond - Old Edithian circa 1950's/60's
    Andy Osmond - (Aka Andrew Moore) Old Edithian circa 1950's/60's
    Marlene Osmond (wife of Andy)
    Lesley Ferrie (friend of Andy and Marlene)
    Sarah Crozier (Friend of Carole)

    Gill Borg - Nee Gillian Antrobus - Old Edithian circa 1950/60 (Older sister of Jennifer)
    Trevor Antrobus - Old Editian circa 1950/60 (brother of Jennifer and Gill)
    Jennifer Gray - nee Antrobus - Old Edithian circa 1950/60 (younger sister of Gill)
    Tracey Borg (daughter of Gill)

    Linda Jones (nee Linda Warren) - Old Edithian, Circa 1950-60
    David Morgan - Old Edithian Circa 1950 - 60

    Trish Dean - Nee Patricia Bassford - Pupil at All saints circa 1950
    Dave Tripp - Friend of Robert Bourne and his family who were Edithians in the 1970's
    Lorna Bannerman - nee White - friend of St Ediths residents.
    Ann Canning - Sister of Christopher Martin who were both in the same class at St Ediths as many members.
    Benita Sliney (daughter of an Edithian)
    Luke Blizzard - Current resident of St Ediths Flat
    Sian Blizzard - Sister of Luke.
    Alan Blizzard - Father of Luke and Sian.
    Maia Watkins (daughter of Yvonee Jackson and niece of Leroy Jackson)
    Erza Junior Gong Watkins

    Not sure where the following people fit in, but they are very welcome none the less.
    Carrie Sweatman
    Sally Cranham
    Helen Bonnaud
    Wanessa Evelyn
    Su Dogan (blocked after her colonic irrigation hard sell!)

    1. Hi,
      My name is Robert Tusting (formerly Bourne)
      Resident of St Ediths 1970's, looking to contact former friends: Dave Tripp and Susan Churchill.
      Contact at my daughter's email:

  2. Thanks for this Cathy, so good you kept it, I have been trying to remember as much as I can but now realise how many members are missing, will get cracking on updating the site.

    So much to do but eventually we will have a great collection of photos, memories, reunions and many happy times to come.


  3. copy of post written by Cathy

    Its been two years since Linda bumped into my Uncle Danny after a gap of 50 years. That meeting spraked off a series of events which eventually resulted in this website, the Facebook Group, half a dozen reunions, most importantly of all countless friends and family being reunited with one another. Every single "Old Edithian" has a story to tell that is worthy of its own Hollywood blockbuster and each is fascinating to read or hear.

    This website is a place to share these stories with people who were there or who care, so please do be generous with your memories, for some of us each one is a precious gift.

    Huge thanks to Linda and Kristian for all their efforts.


  4. thankyou linda cathy an triston for this lovelly lil place to keep our memories means so much to so many bless u guys xxx

    1. Your welcome Diane, hope if found the answers you wanted from Ham.x