Burnham on Sea

Burnham-on-Sea 1957  Tommy Daglish, Christine Nicholls, Linda Richards, Malcolm Clark, Marian Daglish, Jennifer Daglish, Jennie Hunt, Annie Hunt


Burnham on Sea, 1957 - Annie Hunt, Linda Richards, Margaret Daglish, Marian Daglish

Burnham on Sea, 1957 - Malcolm Clark, Marian Daglish, Annie Hunt, Jennifer Daglish, Linda Richards, Jennie Hunt, Christine Nicholls, Tommy Daglish, Margaret Daglish

Burnham Pier as it looks today - apparently the shortest pier in the uk, so many of our photos were taken under the pier

St andrew's church - we always went to church on Sunday despite being holiday posh frocks and clean shoes.

Burnham on Sea 1957 - Alan Daglish, Annie Hunt, Rita Smith, Linda Richards, Miss Hardy, Christine Nicholls, Danny Nicholls, Marian Daglishm, Margaret Daglish

The famous Priscilla the swan with her owners -Priscilla circled the pier all day long throughout the summer, we were often given a free ride from the owner - some research was done to find out what happened to her, sadly through age her head kept falling off, despite numerous repairs over the years she was finally laid to rest.



  1. Our Burnham on Sea holidays, how great were they, camped out in St. Andrew's Hall.

    Two whole weeks of salad and fruit, donkey rides and ice lollies, trips to Woolworth's and if you were lucky a ride on the huge swan "Priscilla" which circled the pier all day.

    Poor old Priscilla, discovered that her head fell off eventually, the owner often gave us kids a free ride.

  2. So pleased with these photos that came today - great to see our Miss Hardy with us on the beach, there are very few photos of Miss Hardy, infact this is the second one I have ever seen.

    I hope to be able to name more people but will have to rely on Christine and Annie to help out here!.

  3. Burnham on sea, what comes to mind?

    Wooden canvas camp beds, with one single sheet, doubled over to make two, with a blanket on top. In the middle of the night, when the sheet had wrinkled up and ended around your ankles, there was the excruciating pain of your sore and sunburnt back making contact with the canvas camp bed. The Calamine lotion that you had been smothered with the night before had no effect at all.
    The next morning came the seizing up. At breakfast we had a competition to see whose back had been burnt the most and whose was peeling the most. As for a suntan, what was that? We had never heard of that, ‘ha, ha.’ We were all as red as lobsters, peeling like crazy, but with the biggest smiles you have ever seen on our faces, we were on our way to the beach once again

  4. I remember we had fun at burham on sea we could be children I loved it so did brother, Beverley. My name is Estelle Harris I was called Marilyn hutt. I loved riding the donkeys and making sand castles with everyone