Sister Lydia - The Flow & Personal Album

Lydia's first pose in life

Lydia 9 months old

Lydia keeping the families together

Sister Lydia at St Mary's Broadstairs

Lydia taken in the 1970's

Lydia 2011 one of her favourite seats by the The Thames, Richmond

Sister Lydia in her full habit as we all remember, knitting at Burnham 1950's

Lydia goes to prison

Lydia aged 2

Lydia aged 2 building bricks with her Teddy

Lydia aged 8

Lydia aged 10

Lydia aged 12

Lydia School photo - 4th from the top row from the left

Lydia School photo am sure one can spot her in the centre

Lydia out on a shoppi ng trip with her beloved Aunty Di

Lydia with her friends having fun

Lydia's Grandmother whom she was named after.

Lydia's Mother & Father - her Father was away at Sea a lot during Lydia's childhood, being an only child she was very close to her Mother, this closeness remained throughout their lives








  1. This page has been allocated to Sister Lydia-

    It will house all her personal photos from a baby, also a copy of her own book The Flow which was written for her 90th Birthday.

  2. Do you know who was in charge before Lydia and when Lydia took over St Edith's?

  3. Hi there, I think a Sister Alice, not sure, they will know at Ham.

  4. I
    I will be putting a copy of the "Flow" book written by Lydia shortly.

    Thank you for your patience.

  5. Roy H (Former Ormerod resident early 1950s)18 April 2014 at 09:01

    Nice to see her dad was a Royal Marine