Christine Carroll   nee Nicholls     -   sister of Danny 
Cathy                                             -   daughter of  Christine Nicholls

Linda Rodriguez   nee Richards  
Tommy Hawkins   nee Daglish      -   brother of Marian, Jennifer,
                                                           Margaret & Alan                 
Malcolm Clark
Carole Johnston    nee Osmond     -   sister of Andrew 
Andrew Osmond                            -   brother of Carole

Linda Jones           nee Warren       -  sister of  Vera, Sheila, Pamela

Sylvia Sullivan       nee Warren       -  sister of Linda, Vera, Pamela                                                                       & Sheila

Neville Scott                                    - brother of Patricia, Christine 
                                                           & Desmond

Ruth Bastable        nee Langer

Gill Borg                nee Antrobus     - sister of Trevor & Jennifer

Trevor Antrobus                             -   brother of Gill  Jennifer

Diane Orum -                                  -   daughter of Phyllis Orum

Michael Doxie

Yvonne Jackson                                   sister of Leroy

Helen Lee

Patsie Fear

Marlene Osmond                                wife of Andy

Jackie Green

Jackie Meader

Emily Randall Taylor                        daughter of Michelle Elliott

Christopher Martin                            brother of Mary- both attended 
                                                            All Saint's School.

Sandi Orbifan Stevens

Benita Sliney                                       daughter of Ben Shepherd

Martin Spall                                           Brother of Gary

Gary Spall                                              Brother of Martin

Luke Blizzard                                       son of Alan, now resides in an 
                                                               apartment at St Edith's

Muriel Lawler (nee Thomas)              sister of Rose, Pat & Jean

Jean Thomas                                        sister of Muriel, Rose & Pat



  1. Hi, I lived at St Ediths from about 1968 until it closed. I moved to Germany in 1978 and a school friend recently made me aware of the old photos that were posted on FB Everything Clevedon. I have a group photo from about 1969 or 1970 which I would like to forward to you so that you can add it to your site. Not quite sure how to go about it. Do you have an e-mail address to which I could send it?

  2. hi I was also at this home between 1960 went on 3 occasions last being 1964