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Christine Nicholls and her daughter Cathy at Lady Bay 2011







  1. I grew up hearing about Ladye Bay and when mum and I came to Clevedon, mum really wanted to find it again but of course, had no idea where it was after a gap of 50 years. We drove around with no real hope of finding it and eventually decided to give up. I drove into a dead end road to turn round and....suddenly there was a tiny little sign pointing down an overgrown grass path. We parked the car and walked across the grass and there it was, laid out beneath us in all its glory. Mum was so happy to find it. We climbed down right onto the brach and collected a few pepples to bring home for my son, as memories of the legendary Ladye Bay.

  2. Nice of someone to remember Lady bay we used to go rock climbing there with the childrens home Alan

  3. Hi only just found this website brings back some great memories,funny to see my Sister& Brother as well as myself in a couple of photos, hope to hear from anyone,Alan

    1. hi was you in the childrens home only just found this site please reply I went on 3 occasions 1960 2 1968