Our loved ones from St. Edith's 

In Loving Memory of

Bobby Hewitt  St Edith's

Jennie Hunt  St Edith's

Sheila Warren died 2008  St Edith's

Rita Smith   St Ediths

Sister Beryl died  5th April, 2012

Mary Twine died 2010  St Ediths

Cookie ( the Cook from St.Edith's) 

Nurse Flora Hardy -  St Edith's &; St.Mary's Broadstairs

Annie Corby  - Mother of Sister Lydia died aged 99

Phyllis Orum  1935 - 1996   St Edith's 

Pamela Warren - 1950 - 31st August, 2012 

Sister Lydia Corby - 22nd May, 1919 - 29th September 2012


  1. I will miss Sister Beryl very much, over the years I used to buy the candles she so enjoyed making. My main memory is of her travelling with me from Clevedon to Lytham St Annes by train the day I left ST Edith's, 2nd Nov 1959, l always relive that day every year.
    Linda Rodriguez (Richards)


  2. On 31st August we learnt of the sad loss of Pamela Warren, the Warren's all five of them were well known at St Edith's during the 60's, a tragic loss for Linda, Vera & Sylvia and not forgetting Sheila who passed away at a young age to.

    Our thoughts go out to the Warren Family