Our Schools

All Saint's School 2010

All Saints - still the original door to enter the School, so many of us have passed through that door

All Saints - again very much the same with the bonus of a seat

Inside the main classroom, we all learnt the time from the Church clock opposite, couldn't miss the huge spire looking down.  The classroom has had a false ceiling created, it seemed a lot smaller now that I recall.

St Johns Primary School late 1950's

This was once the back classroom, very different  now obviously been extended in recent years.

All Saint's Schhol Clevedon, 1953 - In this photo Miss Pye, Mrs Strickland, Christine Nicholls, Patricia Dean

All Saint's Primary School, Clevedon



  1. All Saint's was one of three primary Schools in the area that the children of St. Edith's attended.

    1950's The Headmistress was Miss Pye, our form teacher was Mrs Strickland and a younger teacher was Miss Mallett.

    It was a great school and we all shared very happy days, school was interesting with nature walks through the woods, we knew all about wild flowers, butterflies and birds.

  2. A lovely school, see my memories of the country dancing, on the memories tab.