30th October 2010


Carole 1969 - 2011

Reunion 2011 - Michael Doxie & Christine Nicholls

Reunion 2011 Sylvia

2011 Reunion - Sister Lydia with Paddy

Reunion 2011 Sylvia &Carol

Reunion 2011 Sylvia

Reunion 2011 Sylvia

Reunion 2011 - Michael, Christine, Sister Lydia & Cathy

Sister Dorothea 2011

Sister Annaliese with Linda Reunion 2011

Reunion 2011 - Sister Lydia with all her grown up children from St Edith's

The side of St Michael's

Sylvia, Linda & Carole 2011

Carole & Sylvia 2011

The Gardens at Ham

Sister Katherine & Sister Annaliese

Reunion 2011 - Michael, Ruth, Sister Lydia, Wendy, Carole & Natasha

Reunion 2011 - Sister Vivien with Carole

Reunion 2011 - Michael & Christine

Reunion 2011 Linda

Reunion 2011 - Sister Lydia

Reunion - afternoon tea with Sister Annaliese

Reunion 2011 - Sister Lydia with Ben Shepherd

Reunion 2011 - Sister Lydia, Michael, Paula, Linda,Yvonne, David, Linda, Christine, Tommy, Ruth, Gill, Sylvia, Yvonnes Son & Daughter

Reunion 2011 - Yvonne, Ruth, Sylvia, Cathy, David ,Linda, Tommy & Linda

Reunion 2011 Christine Nicholls & her daughter Cathy

2012 Reunion


  1. Annual Reunion this Saturday 14th July 2012 at 2.30pm - 5.00pm.
    this will be at St Michael's Convent, 56 Ham Common, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 7JH.

    This yearly annual event is held for all old Boys & Girls and their families who were once children of the various Orphanges run by the Anglican Sisters of the Church. The majority who attend are from St Edith's, Clevedon and St.Mary's, Broadstairs.

    Afternoon Tea and Cakes will be provided by the Sisters.

  2. Reunion - Saturday 14th July 2012

    What a fantastic day was had by us all, so many new faces, what a turnaround from 2010. I recall coming to that Reunion as felt quite sad that numbers had fallen so low. It was certainly meant to be that Danny Nicholls came and it materialised into a new revival for us all.

    It was lovely to see the Sisters enjoy theirselves and what a lovely spread they put on for us as well as access to all the old photos.
    Sister Margaruite kindly procuded archived info for new ones.

    So I guess we will all look forward to this again next year.


  3. Replies
    1. yes happy daysCarole,Linda x