Andrew Osmond                     12th February
Jennifer Daglish                       13th February                now Jennifer Oakley
Neville Scott                            2nd March
 Christine Nicholls                   13th March                     now Christine Carroll
 Jackie Green                          9th April
Nurse Flora Hardy                  16th April .RIP
Tommy  Daglish                       17th April                        now Tommy Hawkins
 Sylvia Warren                          22nd May                        now Sylvia Sullivan
Sister Lydia                               22nd May
Diane Orum                              27th May
Jacqueline Meader                    30th May
Maralyn Hutt                            14th July                          now Estelle Harris
Linda Richards                          6th August                      now Linda Rodriguez
Muriel Thoimas                         8th September               now Muriel Lawler
Carole Osmond                         22nd September            now Carole Johnston
Trevor Antrobus                        27th September  
Annie Hunt                                28th September
David Morgan                           6th October
Cathy Candle                            9th October
Malcolm Clark                         16th November             
Ruth Langer                              21st November              now Ruth Bastable
Gill Antrobus                            24th December              now Gill Borg
Marian Daglish                         30th December              now Marian Carter


  1. sorry if some birthdays are missing but need to check exact dates before I submit them.

  2. hi linda my birthday is 21st october lol cld u add the birthdays of those that av passed over so we can remember them too?xxxxx

  3. lex richards 12/10/1962