Cookie at St Edith's

Cookie driving Sister Lydia's A40 car - St Edith's first car 1960

St Michael's Reunion late 60's with Audrey Young

St Edith's dogs - Tess and Cindy?

The puppy - St Edith's, the famous seat behind

A beautiful photo of Christine Nicholls - St Edith's


David Morgan

The Boys Division  David Morgan

Sister Jo - with Jackier Meader

Sister Beryl with Jackie Meader

Andy Osmond leaving St Edith's for Battledown Manor - Sister Lydia's A40 with Copper the cat on the roof

Carole Osmond Girls Division

Maralyn &  Beverley Hutt

Christina Scott, Jennifer Antrobus, Michael Britton, Ruth Langer, Annie Hunt, Linda Richards, Beveryley Hutt and Danny Nicholls

early 1950's - Christine & Danny Nicholls at the front

early 1950's

Susan Churchill, Gary Spall, Martin Spall, Jackie Green, Jackie Meader 1960's

Roy Young, Michelle , David, Sandra, Elliott

Michelle, Roy,Sandra, David Elliott

The Nunn family with Tess the dog - Kim, Mark and Lorna

Maralyn and Bevery Hutt

Sister Lydia - taken the early 1960's - keeping families together

David Morgan front left

The Boy's Division - sitting on that famous seat, this seat has been placed on top of The Common with a commemorative  plaque from St Edith's.

1960's - A picnic with Cookie, Kim Nunn

Sister Joanna, Cookie, Sister Felicity with Janet, apparently Janet lived upstairs in St Edith's, this was not known to some of us children.

St Edith's 1956

Kim Nunn




Miss Gold

Sister Felicity and Sister Beryl, the aviary at St Edith's

St Edith's in the 1960's

Cookie in Trafalgar Square London 1960's

St Edith's 1960's the chicken run

The unveiling of the new seat - Sister Marietta - Cookie, Aunty Rose & Father

Sister Joanna and Jackie Green

St Edith's Chapel now the home of Alan Blizzard and family

Sister Beryl wit the flowers she grew herself

Sister Lydia - vist from her own family

Sonia & Clive Gillespie 1950's

Malcolm, Ruth, Francesca

Sister Lydia and Sister Beryl - Haircut day with Leroy, Tommy, Harry

Linda Richards, Annie Hunt, Ruth Langer, Jennie  Hunt with our Carer

The play area at the side of  St Edith's

Linda Richards aged 7 minus teeth

Linda Richards with Charles the cat tane by Sister Lydia 1958

Favourite picture of Christine and Danny Nicholls taken by Sister Lyda

Cookie and Siser - afternoo tea on the patio on the newly built buingalow, named St Gabriel's - opposite St.Ediths.

Confirmation Day - Annie, Francesca, Carole -1960





  1. The photo of my mum is so beautiful. Thank you so much for finding it and sharing it with us and with everyone else.

    1. This photo brought tears to my eyes when we came across it at The Archives at Ham. this is exactly how I remember her, as well as very pretty she was a bundle of fun! Linda.

  2. Thank you Linda for getting this photo of me, which I didn't even know existed.

  3. So nice to see a photo oc Copper the tortoise shell cat, I last saw her when she was a year old, does anyone know what happened to her!

  4. this is Lex thank you